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Lee's Excellent Designs now with Unicorn after endless requests Available on Hooded Coats, Tough Phone Cases and Watches:https://www.equilstreetwear.com/collections/lee-violet-excellent-collection-with-unicorn Coats: https://www.equilstreetwear.com/collections/lee-excellent-hooded-coats PHONE CASES:https://www.equilstreetwear.com/collections/equil-phone-cases

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The newest Xiaoyu [凌曉雨] design collection will put you into an iconic Phoenix stance and THUNDER STRIKE your opponents~We took all the elements of xiaoyu's T7 costume and blended in together to resemble her coat with elements like golden floral/vines ornaments, her traditional Chinese crests and golden strips that runs along her coat on a orange(1P)/pink(2P) base. TAKE $20 OFF when you buy 4 or more items from the Xiaoyu Collection, enter code "XIAOYU" at checkout ➡️ GET YOURS HERE ⬅️

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Hi all~

We have a range of new products for you T7 Julia fans, we took the important elements of her newest costume and blended it together into a range of products you will love.

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