How to Pay by Card

Hi all,

Here's the instructions on how to pay by card using PayPal guest checkout (PayPal Account not required)

We're walk you through step by step with detailed images~


Step 1: Add items to your cart

Step 2: Click "Check Out" 

Step 3: Fill in your delivery details then click "Continue to Shipping Method"

Step 4: Click "Continue to Payment Method"

Step 5: Click "Complete Order" to proceed to pay by card as a guest checkout using PayPal, no PayPal Account is required

Step 6: Once you're redirected to PayPal's website, click "Pay with a Card"

Step 7: Fill in your card details + shipping details

Step 8 (Final Step): Decide if you would like a PayPal Account or not, if not, then click No Thanks, and click Pay Now to complete the order.


That concludes our guide, thank you for your time.


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